Sunday, May 24, 2015

Why you should be choosy, think twice before applying in job ads online?

Job hunting for online work is little bit easy compare to traditional. You don't need to go to offices for interviews and exams.  With online thing, interview is just Skype away and exams are sent through emails.  But is that all?  

Allow me to share my online work experience that makes me realize big lessons. It can give you hints to become choosy, vigilant and decide quickly for your online career. Okay this story sounds like a rant, but my intention is just to warn you. 

Here are the questions that my story might answer:
·         Do you notice that a company is always looking for particular position that seems never occupied? 
·          Are you contemplating to quit your job because of your delayed salary?
·         Does your company follow what’s stated in the job contract?
·         Do you feel that you don’t want to go on with the company that hired you already?

My story & lessons in venturing into a work with a worst HR admin 
Because I have time, need extra income and I want to learn, I decided to apply in a company that always posting ad (not on jobstreet and jobsdb).  Luckily, I was hired fast and initially, I commend the company’s HR admin for she seemed very understanding. 

On my first day, I informed her that I couldn’t work because I’m not feeling well.  Apart from physical stress, I had feeling that I don’t like to continue anymore. However, I value my commitment, I need money, and I believe I’ll learn working under her company.

So on my second day, I wasn’t performing well. I had mistakes and my supervisor addressed my poor reports.  I was hurt on the criticisms I received from my supervisor, but I decided to face his challenge to become better in my craft. The HR admin was even politely checked and encouraged me to go on.  Soon enough, my persistence paid off as my supervisor started to notice my improvements. It boosted my confidence and I learned to like my job more.  However, I went part time from full time because of health issue and HR concerns I began to notice after the delayed release of my first and second salary.

Notice that I only mention the HR admin, not the company and my supervisors?  Here’s the thing, I have strong feeling that the company is reputable and my supervisors were professionals. This HR admin is just a contractor of the company and If not with her lies, I probably still work with them.  So what’s up with this HR admin? I resigned due to her hocus-pocus in contract that she designed, but didn’t follow and her lies about the compensation.  

I got my first salary one month after of our supposed payday.  The reason she gave was the bank problems - “money laundering,” “wiring money,” extra fees, and meeting with bank officers.  My gut already dictated that she’s lying because of knowledge from my eight years of banking with three major companies. However, I gave her the benefit of the doubt. 

However not only my first salary was delayed, but each time she released our (including my fellow employees) salaries. It should be twice a month, but it became monthly and delay for weeks.  It even became to a point that it’s difficult for me to track when or how much I should get because of this late release. However, what triggered me to stop understanding this very wrong system was the contract dispute. Getting delayed salary is breach of contract and getting an amount below to what mentioned is also breach of contract.

Remember that I went  part time from full time? Before I decided to do that I already talked with the HR about the pros and cons. Apart from that I received and signed clear new contract so I knew what’s the rules and my compensation package. As part timer, I hit my quota per day and delivered quality work better than when I’m worked full time. However, when I got my salary as part timer what I received was 50% below compare to salary I should expect. When I talked with her, she didn’t only lie about the computation, but also belittle me in understanding base pay.”

According to business, “Base salary is a fixed amount of money paid to an employee by an employer in return for work performed. Base salary does not include benefits, bonuses or any other potential compensation from an employer. Base salary is paid, most frequently, in a bi-weekly paycheck to an exempt or professional employee. “

According from this HR admin, base salary is computed base on number of work versus the quota (not fix).  This ‘quota she mentioned wasn’t part of the contract, our first Skype conversation, and in fact, it’s for full time workers. Guess what, that half amount of my salary was deposited late (again) in my bank account.  By the way, she always mentioned that our salaries were “wired,” but weren’t.  All our salaries were deposited through bank on the day she preferred. How I knew it? It’s clearly indicated on my bank statement of account.   

 Apart from that “base pay” meaning, she also asked me about my experience. Wait a minute, so she didn’t check my resume in the first place? Okay let’s say she forgot. She asked me if I had experienced working with same-like company as they are. Yes! But to answer her question about the system for freelancers, she’s the one who don’t know that.

So what’s the usual system for freelancers/ part timer in the Philippines?
·         Sign a contract
·         Receive talent fee on agreed day of release and where  ( check or bank deposit)
·         The company  usually shoulders the tax  
·         Fixed pay for your work (  if it’s Php 500 per article or picture, its  Php 500/ article or picture)

 I worked for part timer/ freelancer for six companies, apart from my three full time work experiences. Of all the companies I worked before, it only with hers that I received below 50% and in fact below from my usual rate.  So why waste my electricity, internet connection and my physical energy with this person. She simply doesn’t worth of any of those or professionals and talented workers like me.  

My solution was just to quit, I might be wrong with this decision, but I don’t like to experience anymore the constant problem that seems no solution. Problem is problem if you encounter it for first the time and solve it as soon as possible. However if the problem is constant that’s clearly indication of a bad system or management. I don’t want to feel demoralize and work with unprofessional (talking about attitude). I may need lot of money now, but I value my time too – time is gold.  I am positive that better individuals and works are waiting out there for me.

Here are my advice and realizations after this incident:
·         Analyse and think hard before applying especially if you notice that a company has always job posting
·         Don’t  be accustomed to sweet talks, but produce empty promises ( dude this is work)
·         Follow your gut or decide quickly if your notice something fishy  
·         Stick with your contract – if the company or HR explained something differently
·         Be open-minded and flexible, but value your worth. Don’t stay working with an unprofessional that gives you nothing but worries

·         Let go and move on

Monday, May 18, 2015

Blogging and Freelancing 101: Gather your thoughts, Work it out

This is my first post so  let me share briefly why I started this blog, what possible topics I'll tackle and who am I ( I am sure I'll have specific long posts or pages about these matters soon so you know). About the reason in creating this  new blog site, first it's about time to gather my thoughts and ideas on one site where I blog and write in English. 

To give you an idea, I already blogging for 8 years and decided to try freelancing since November 10, 2013. Combining my endeavors in blogging, freelancing, and business, I admit I lost focus, time management and my thoughts are really scattered.   This must be reason why I procrastinate and too lazy to update my other blog sites. 

Why I started this blog?

  • to write in English
  • to  share my lessons and experiences  about working and freelancing in the Philippines
  • to educate/ entertain  myself and you
  • to start anew in blogging about work, movies,  TV series ( including  Asian and American series), books, music and various artists
  • to combine my skills and lessons I learned from my  blogging and work experiences
  • to reach out more audience all over the world. 

What Possible Topics

Apart from this blog , I may create  another blog which discuss  about entertainment like TV shows, films, books, and artists.  I share it now so I remind myself and for advance promotion hehehe.   Going back to what possible ideas you may get from here are the following:

  • tips in job hunting
  • tips in working in the Philippines 
  • ideas/ stories about freelancing
  • ideas/ stories about working from home
  • working with Filipinos 
  • working with foreign nationals
NOTE: I'm NOT expert nor great source ( I admit even my English is not excellent), BUT  what I'm going to share is my real experiences and stories I gathered.  So you can get at least ideas what to expect and what's going on. 

Who Am I ?

Your Friendly neighborhood Digital Jane.  On days that I am not working or busy,  I'm like any regular Jane who watch films (theater or home), reading books/ magazine, surfing the net, checking entertainment sites. ( I also do other active and enterprising stuff if you ask). You may discover ore about me in coming days through my posts so I keep this part short.

So I hope I start this blog right and positive and you join me in discovering things about working and freelancing. Please feel free to leave a message, comment, or suggestion.